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Donate your car to ITNGreaterSanDiego

Donate your car and we will give you the value in ride credits, or donate to help support ITNGreaterSanDiego

Donate a car

Your car means independence. But what if you haven't actually driven in many months or no longer have the ability to drive safely? Having an unused vehicle in the driveway can become expensive. Insurance alone costs several hundred dollars a year, and unlike a home, an automobile depreciates in value. So every day your car sits in the driveway, it is worth less.

Donate your car here

car donation for tax benefits or for ride credits

If you have a good car, one you've maintained for years with value you'd like to retain, you should contact us about trading it for rides. Or, you can make a tax-deductible gift of your car to support the ITNGreaterSanDiego's mission.

Every ITN affiliate uses traded or donated vehicles to replenish its fleet and to help subsidize member fares. ITN affiliates do not use taxpayer dollars. They rely entirely on voluntary, local community support.